May 27, 2011

Prudential’s Puzzling Ad, With Progress Come Challenges

Prudential’s puzzling ad, “With progress come challenges”. The outdoor billboard looks like this.

And here is a second billboard right next to the first one “Tomorrow is Today”

Both ads have a tagline at the bottom, in tiny print – “Bring your Challenges”.

If you see these billboard ads on the freeway, can you tell what they are about? 

Puzzled? Lost? Intrigued? Nonplussed? 

Prudential is going all out with its new, bring your challenges, ad campaign. The ads can be seen on billboards and other media.

The intent of the ads is to direct individuals, businesses and organizations towards Prudential’s financial services – financial planning, funding children’s higher education, retirement planning, employee benefits and others. But, looking at the ads, it is hard to connect the two.

Perhaps Prudential’s next ad campaign will be a lot better.