May 24, 2011

Remove Surgical Scars with New Surgical Dressing

Remove surgical scars with new surgical dressing developed by Stanford University researchers.
There are over 50 million incisions per year in the US alone which lead to scars. Scar tissue forms during the healing process due to the pulling of the incision in different directions by the surrounding taut skin. The skin tension causes the scar tissue to thicken and spread. The new dressing relieves this tension during healing and is called a stress-shielding device.

The new surgical dressing is made up of a thin, elastic silicone plastic that is stretched over the incision after the sutures are removed.

The researchers predicted the dressing will be used not only to reduce scarring from incisions, but also to make the surgical revision of existing scars a more appealing option; the second scar would be much less visible, if visible at all.

The dressing has shown excellent results in tests, demonstrating a nearly scarless closure.

The dressing should be helpful to eliminate scar tissues in all kinds of surgeries, from caesarean scars, to tummy tuck scars and more.

Neodyne Biosciences, founded by the Stanford researchers is a provider of the stress-shielding dressing.