June 2, 2011

Zulily’s Delightful Display Ads

Have you seen Zulily’s delightful display ads? 

Zulily is a daily deals site for moms, babies and kids focused on top-quality boutique apparel, gear and other goodies. Zulily stands out, compared to other daily deals sites, with nice, creative display ads that really catch your attention. The ads highlight the product very creatively. And it is not just with one ad, but with an ad campaign with a variety of ads, which keeps their message fresh. Check out below.
Zulily, Oh My, so many dresses

Zulily Spring dresses

Zulily Spring Dresses in bloom

Compare this with ads from One Kings Lane, a daily-deals site focused on home décor, furniture and gifts. One Kings Lane displays a single, bland ad, which does not have a similar pull.

 One Kings Lane ad