July 13, 2011

AppHQ, Cisco’s Empty App Store

AppHQ is Cisco’s empty appstore for Cisco Business Tablet.


In case you are wondering what is Cisco Business Tablet? It is the same as Cisco Cius. Cisco’s tablet marketing problem is should the tablet be branded as Cisco Business Tablet or Cisco Cius? Currently, both terms are used which ends up diluting both.

To use Cisco’s business tablet you need apps. Cisco provides AppHQ, a curated Android appstore for business apps.

AppHQ is an empty appstore, mostly empty. A search for “business” apps shows the following - apps that have never been downloaded and this is true for most apps on the store. And, the most downloaded app – Citrix Receiver – with only 567 downloads

The other categories are even sparser. For example, check education apps. Most have never been downloaded.

Does the empty store speak of the popularity of Cisco Cius or its app store or both?

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