July 4, 2011

Cisco Unified Computing Ad, When In-Ad Info Does not Work

Cisco Unified Computing ad, an example of when displaying in-ad info does not work.

On the surface, delivering ad info in-ad seems to be a great idea. It would keep the viewer on the same page while delivering the ad info within the 300x250 area of the ad itself. Unfortunately it does not work. An example is Cisco’s unified computing ad (above).

Cisco’s Unified Computing Ad is a widget from widgetbox. On a click, the ad tries to display info meant for a bigger screen onto the 300x250 area. The result is ugly (below).

You can neither see the info nor see the original ad. A second click is required to go to the page that displays the ad info in full size, two clicks for an ad that should have worked in a single click.

For Cisco and others, it is a good idea to stay away from these widgetized ads.