July 8, 2011

Do Vivint Video Cameras Include Audio?

Do Vivint video cameras include audio?

Vivint pan-tilt video camera

Vivint is a popular home security and home automation service. Vivint provides Vivint IP cameras for video monitoring of the home. Given a video camera, you may assume that it includes audio and you will be able to see your home remotely AND hear what is happening there at the same time. A common misconception. Vivint video cameras do not include audio.

Vivint IP cameras include two WiFi models – a fixed video camera and a pan-tilt video camera (image above). IP cameras come in two flavors – with audio and without audio – it is best to confirm whether the camera you plan to use for home monitoring includes audio.

As seen in the feature list below, neither Vivint camera supports audio. And, you will not find an audio mic in Vivint’s video camera (image above).

Vivint pan-tilt video camera features

Current cameras used with Vivint are older models and are supplied by Alarm.com . Since the cameras are not integrated within Vivint’s system, you can use other IP cameras that do support audio e.g. Panasonic BL-C230, BL-C121A or Axis M1031-W. Using these you’ll be able to see/hear your home remotely from anywhere. Notice the mic on the BL-C121 camera below.

Panasonic BL-C121 video camera

Note, on their own, these cameras only record short clips of video upon motion detection. If you wish to record the audio-video from the camera continuously, you will need another service.

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