July 6, 2011

Facebook Video Calling Experience, Looking Down at You

Is Facebook Video Calling experience one of “looking down at you”?

Facebook Video Calls was launched today. A useful utility but with two problems –

First, the simpler one, the main Facebook video calling page is down and has been down for a while. It could not be because of traffic, Facebook is used to handling large spikes of traffic.

The second is a bigger problem. Facebook video call creates a user experience where the remote user is looking down at you - an abnormal experience!

Check the snapshots below from the Facebook video call Ad, which is also available on YouTube.

This is because Facebook video call uses the traditional webcams on a PC or Mac for the video call. The integrated webcam forces a user to sit close to the computer and look down, producing the “looking down at you” user experience. Unfortunately, as long as webcams are used for the Facebook video calls, users are stuck with this experience.