July 20, 2011

Faster Chromebooks with Core i Processors in 2012

Faster Chromebooks with Intel Core i processors will be available early 2012 replacing the current Intel Atom cpu’s. Chromebooks are likely to be available from Samsung, Acer, Asustek and others (via DigiTimes).

Chromebook is an awesome cloud laptop and for those working mostly on the Internet, it is the perfect solution.

People have three main complaints about the current Chromebooks
  1. High price – e.g. the Samsung 3G Chromebook is more than $500
  2. Poor industrial design
  3. Speed
The Core i cpu’s will fix item 3 and make the Chromebooks a lot faster. Samsung and others still have to work on improving the price and design.

For mass acceptance, the Chromebook price has to drop a lot, else, Chromebooks are getting classified as – more expensive than netbooks and do much less than the popular Macbook Air.