July 21, 2011

Find Best Universities in USA

If you are in high school and are getting ready to apply to US Universities, then add this great tool to your search; it will help you find best Universities in USA.

Searching for a University can be a complex process. You’ll look for the best Universities or Colleges in your areas of interest. The basic search criteria – ranking of the University, location, total students, average SAT scores required, number of applicants, in-state tuition, out-of-state-tuition – will help you narrow down the list of Universities to apply to.

FindTheBest.com is an awesome tool to help in this search. Click on the link to see a listing of Universities by name, city, state, rank, acceptance rate, total students, average SAT math score, average SAT verbal score, in-state tuition. The advanced table includes ACT scores and out-of-state tuition. You can sort the table by any criteria by clicking on that heading. And you can compare specific Universities, which gives you more detailed data with link to the Universities.

The top Universities and Colleges listed by expert ranking – Williams College, Princeton, Swarthmore, Stanford, Harvard etc.

Note: The data displayed should be used as an indicator rather than absolute e.g. the University rankings. And, the latest data regarding tuition, scores etc for a University should always be checked directly on that Universities website. 

FindTheBest is a fast way to search for best Universities in USA. The service can also be used to “find the best” in other areas such as find best car insurance, find best credit cards, find best water purifiers to find best birth control pills. It is a new service and you can even suggest new comparisons to the service.

If you are new to the process of applying to a US University or College, the first requirement is SAT scores. Prepare well and get the best scores possible. All Universities use SAT scores as an important criteria to evaluate incoming students.

All Universities require the general SAT test. The subject test scores are an added plus and demonstrate your proficiency in a specific subject e.g. Math, Biology, Physics etc. So, if needed, be sure to also complete the subject test in your favorite subject.