July 20, 2011

How to Add In-App Payments for Web Apps

Apple provides in-app payments for iOS devices. Similar in-app payments for Android devices are available. And, Google now makes it possible to add in-app payments for web apps.
The fee for in-app payments is 5% per transaction. Google credits the developer’s bank account (currently a US bank account is required) at the end of the month.

Developers use the in-app payments API to include in-app payments in their web apps. Per Google 
The simple API makes integration fast so you can start getting paid sooner. Implementing In-App Payments requires only two API calls: one to initiate the payment, and one to accept the notification when a payment is made.
Buyers from 140 countries can use the in-app payments. For those who already have a Google checkout, Android market, Google eBookstore or YouTube movies account, the experience is seamless.