July 26, 2011

Intriguing Ads for Online Universities

If you are looking for an online degree, there are a large number of online Universities and Colleges to choose from and which have offerings ranging from online MBA, online engineering degree to online nursing courses and beyond. Here is another set of intriguing ads for online Universities and Colleges. As with the earlier University ads, these ads are geared to attract students to their online programs.

To start with Campus Explorer, a service that helps you find Universities and find online Universities e.g. if you wanted to get education in criminal justice, become a police officer.

ClassesUSA, another service that helps you find online Universities and Colleges.

Columbia University for online and on-campus courses

DeVry University for online and on-campus education

Keller Online MBA, Keller is a part of DeVry University

Liberty University Online, a Christian University

Norwich University, a military college and a civilian college

Ohio University, Online Master of Engineering Management