July 14, 2011

JambaEnergy vs RedBull Energy Drink

Are you a fan of fruit juices and of energy drinks? Then JambaEnergy may be a drink for you. It is an energy drink with a good percentage of fruit juice. How does it compare against other popular energy drinks, say JambaEnergy vs RedBull energy drink?

Note: Nestle owns the website www.jambaenergy.com but has not activated it yet, instead JambaEnergy is on Facebook.

JambaEnergy drinks were introduced in 2011 and are the latest entrant in the energy drinks market, which includes 5-Hour Energy and Gatorade Energy drink.

JambaEnergy is a partnership between Jamba Juice, the popular chain of fresh fruit juice and smoothies, and Nestle. The energy drinks are sold by Nestle and come in three flavors – Crisp Apple, Strawberry Banana and Blueberry Pomegranate.

JambaEnergy promotes itself as an energy drink that is more natural than other energy drinks on the market. Specifically,

Made with real fruit juice and caffeine, these delicious energy drinks provide the same energy of the other energy drinks (who shall remain nameless), without the chemistry.

While all energy drinks contain a big dose of caffeine – 80g to start – let us see what else is in there. Let us compare JambaEnergy with RedBull, the leading energy drink in the market. 

Nutrition Facts
JambaEnergy – 248 mL, 90 calories, 20g Sugars, 22g Carb, 15 mg Sodium, 80g Caffeine
Apple juice, Lemon juice, Apple puree, Stevia natural sweetener, caffeine, water, carbonation, flavors

RedBull – 250 mL, 110 calories, 27g Sugars, 28g Carb, 200 mg Sodium, 80g Caffeine
Sodium citrate Taurine, Glucuronolactone, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Vitamin B6 and B12, Sucrose and Glucose, caffeine, water, carbonation

Instead of JambaEnergy’s fruit juice, fruit puree and Stevia sweetener, RedBull contains synthetic Taurine (amino acid), Glucuronolactone (a glucose metabolite) together with Sucrose and Glucose.

JambaEnergy contains less Sodium – 15 mg vs 200 mg in RedBull – and lesser calories – 90 calories vs 110 in RedBull.

Both products contain 80g of caffeine, the jolt in the energy drinks.

Based on the above, JambaEnergy is indeed a more natural energy drink than RedBull.

And, how do they compare in taste, a very important criteria. Well, the taste of all energy drinks is an acquired taste; they are not universally loved – some people like the taste, others hate it. If you are among ones that don’t like it, why not make a trip to Jamba Juice for some real fruit & vegetable juice. Alternately, get a Breville Juicer, so you can make fresh vegetable-fruit juice at home, any time of the day. Drinking fresh juices daily will keep you healthy and full of energy 24-hours a day.