July 21, 2011

Microsoft pubCenter with Chrome, Does Not Work

Microsoft pubCenter is Microsoft’s version of Google AdSense. It enables websites to display ads from Microsoft’s ad network. However, good luck accessing Microsoft pubCenter with Chrome, it does not work.

You will be redirected to the ‘unsupported browser’ page. Microsoft Advertising pubCenter cannot be accessed with Chrome. 

And, the same with Safari. pubCenter cannot be accessed with Safari.

Microsoft pubCenter team does claim that pubCenter “ads render in most javascript-compatible browsers”. Given that there are only four major browsers – IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox – hopefully, Microsoft’s definition of most is not only 50% of browsers (IE, Firefox).

Microsoft likes to create hurdles for its own success and here it has by not supporting two of the fastest growing browsers – Chrome and Safari.

The pubCenter browser compatibility situation has not changed in the last two years. It is unlikely to change going forward.