July 31, 2011

Minus, Simple Online File Sharing, Nice Service

Minus is a nice service for simple online file sharing. You can use it to share large files online - videos, photos, documents etc. It is perfect for the times when you cannot email a video because it is too large, want to share photos online with friends or want to privately share a large document.

In addition to the simplicity of the service seen above, Minus online file sharing is free and it does not require you to register – perfect for easy file sharing in a few clicks. Minus can also be used to share files across smartphones and tablets.

Currently, Minus file-size is limited to 50 MB but, the developers are sure to increase it to a bigger number such as 1 GB or more. That will allow sharing large 1080p HD video’s easily.

Alternatives for online file sharing include SendSpace, another nice file sharing service, which has a 300 MB limit.

Others include Box.net, DropBox, Microsoft’s Skydrive and a lot more – services that are either not-free, have a cumbersome file-sharing procedure or require you to register – big no-no’s for simple, quick file sharing.