July 21, 2011

Safari 5.1 Fails to Close on PC

Safari 5.1 fails to close on PC running Windows – a Safari bug on PC.

How it happens - after you close all open Safari windows or after doing a “Reset Safari”.

10/17/11 Update: Safari 5.1.1 has not fixed this issue.

The Safari.exe and WebKit2WebProcess.exe continue to run as shown in the task manager screenshot above and consume a lot of memory. As a result of this new Safari windows cannot be opened. And, if you don’t kill Safari.exe, in a few minutes it will start saturating your CPU.

To fix, select Safari.exe and click ‘End Process’  to kill Safari.exe and WebKit2WebProcess.exe. Now new Safari windows can be opened again.

The bug is not consistent. It does not happen every time but happens frequently enough to be an annoying bug. The same bug also exists in previous versions of Safari for Windows.

Compare Safari with Chrome for PC, which works solidly including opens and closes consistently all the time.