July 3, 2011

SimpliSafe Service Review, Monitored Home Security

SimpliSafe, a simple home security service is a refreshing alternative for a monitored home security service. In a crowded field of monitored home security service providers, SimpliSafe is the simplest, easiest to install and the most affordable monitored home security service.

Chad and Eleanor Laurans, Yale grads, started SimpliSafe to provide a home security service, which can be used by anyone.

With a simple DIY installation, no wires and no contracts, SimpliSafe makes it easy for anyone (apartments, rentals, home) to add monitored security to their premises and use it only for as long as they wish. While other home security services will tie you down with multi-year contracts, SimpliSafe has no contract.

SimpliSafe Setup
Check Simplisafe’s 5-minute simple setup in this video. SimpliSafe setup has two steps for each component (sensors, alarm etc)
  1. remove the battery sticker to make the device active
  2. unpeel the adhesive cover and mount the device at the location

Since each component is wireless, there are no wires to be laid down. The basestation also communicates with the central monitoring station wirelessly, using the cellular network (US only).

SimpliSafe Cost
Component Cost - As shown in the screenshot below, the component cost for a basic setup will be about $200
  1. 1x Basestation - $100
  2. 1x Wireless Keypad - $70
  3. 1x Keychain remote - $0
  4. 2x Wireless entry sensor - $30

If needed, you can add more sensors, sirens at an additional cost. 

Installation Cost - zero, as you install it yourself.

Usage Cost - $15/month for 24/7 monitoring.
There are no contracts.

i.e. the total costs are - a one-time charge of $200 and usage charges of $15/month.

The Good
  1. No contracts – use the service when you wish
  2. No installation costs
  3. Fully wireless system

The Bad
If the cellular signal is weak at your premise, then the 24/7 monitoring will not work.

Should I Buy
SimpliSafe provides a no-frills home security service. SimpliSafe excels by making the core home security functions easy to setup, easy to use and most importantly very low cost. If you are looking to add a monitored security service for your apartment, rental or home, SimpliSafe should be at the top of your list.

Alternatives to SimpliSafe
Alternatives to SimpliSafe include ADT Pulse, Vivint, MiCasaVerde, LifeShield, and others.

SimpliSafe’s tight focus on monitored home security gives it its biggest advantages over others - low cost, simplicity and no contract. While the other services also provide options (at additional cost) for video security and home automation (features that are not yet available from SimpliSafe), if your only need is monitored home security, then SimpliSafe will be the best solution.