July 27, 2011

Smartling vs MyGengo, Online Language Translations for Websites

If your website is serving users from different countries, you need to provide a localized version of your website in the users language for the best user experience. A comparison of two online services - Smartling vs MyGengo online language translation for websites.
Smartling provides crowdsourced, professional or machine translation of websites. The translated website is hosted at a different URL such as the Italian site for Foursquare, https://it.foursquare.com/. Any changes to the website are automatically queued for translation. Languages supported include English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, and Japanese etc.

MyGengo provides professional human translators to localize the websites, and most jobs are completed within 24 hours. Languages supported include Chinese (Simplified), English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese (European), Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (Latin American) and Spanish (Spain). 

For (relatively) static data, you’ll want professional human translation for the best quality. For real-time data such as foursquare checkins, automated machine translation is the only solution.

Smartling pricing is $0.15 per word for professional translation. Automated translation is based on website traffic. It ranges from free for 5k page-views per month to $249 per month for 100k page-views per month and an enterprise pricing for higher volumes (see above).

For professional translations, MyGengo pricing is better at $0.05 per word. And it goes to $0.15 per word for important content, which are double-checked by a proofreader.

MyGengo has better pricing and options for professional translations. Smartling’s automated translations work well for real-time sites but have a rich pricing for the same.

Smartling – Foursquare, Scribd, imvu etc
MyGengo – Evernote,  Premiumfanpage etc

As can be seen, Smartling is better suited for the real-time sites and MyGengo for the non real-time sites and their customer lists reflect that. Pick one according to your site needs.
Interesting tidbits about the two services – MyGengo operates from Tokyo; an interesting story of how they managed in the aftermath of Japan’s Tsunami.