July 9, 2011

Track Flights in Real-Time with FlightAware

If you want to get detailed status of a flight while it is in progress, use FlightAware. You can track flights in real-time with FlightAware. For example, a real-time status of United 941 from Frankfurt to Chicago using is given below.

Track Flight, UA941 using FlightAware

Flight Status, UA941 using United Airlines’ website

As shown above, FlightAware delivers more information and better real-time reporting than the Airlines own “flight status” information. It provides departure time, expected arrival time, flight progress, distance and time remaining, arrival and departure terminals, other flights between the same airports and more.

Although FlightAware’s primary coverage area is the US, it displays flights arriving and departing from major airports worldwide.

And, FlightAware can also track private flights; all you need is the tail number of the aircraft.

FlightAware produces better results than other services such as Casper (covers European flights), FlightView, AeroSeek and others.

FlightAware service is the best flight tracker!  And it is Free! 

A slight caveat, FlightAware’s website uses Adobe Flash which crashes often. So, be prepared for the occasional browser crashes while tracking a flight.