July 5, 2011

Water Purifiers in India: AquaGuard, Kent or PureIt?

Which are the top water purifier products in India? AquaGuard, Kent, PureIt or others?

Access to safe drinking water is a big problem in India. For most all households, the incoming water is likely to be contaminated. Whether the source is municipal tap water, tanker water, well water or others, there is a high likelihood that the incoming water will be contaminated. Contaminated water can include poisonous elements such as lead, mercury etc. Drinking contaminated water can also cause waterborne diseases such as diarrhea, gastroenteritis, amoebiasis, jaundice, typhoid or cholera. Purifying the water prior to drinking is a MUST for all households.

Each household needs a simple, inexpensive way to purify the incoming water and turn it into drinkable water. 

The top water purifiers in India include products from AquaGuard, Kent, PureIt and others. The best purifiers include a multiple-stage filtration process to filter out the contaminants (dust, dirt, bacteria, protozoa, cysts, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides etc), RO (reverse osmosis) and UV (ultraviolet) filtration and an auto-balancing process that maintains the required minerals in the water. And, since running water and electricity may not always be available, the purifiers include a large storage tank to hold the purified water.

AquaGuard is the most popular water purifier brand in India. The AquaGuard Total Sensa model has the most extensive purifying mechanism and costs INR 17,900. The purified water from the unit brings the benefits of purity, sweetness and balanced mineral content. The system includes a 9.5 litre storage tank.

Kent is another popular brand. The Kent Grand includes RO+UF+UV+TDS Control and can deliver 75 litres of pure water per day. It costs INR 16,000. The system includes an 8-litre storage tank.

PureIt water purifier is another popular brand made by Hindustan Lever, one of the largest consumer goods company in India. PureIt Marvella costs INR 6,900.

Other water purifiers in the market include Brita and others.

So, which water purifier should you choose?

It depends.

If price is not an issue, go with the most robust purifier, AquaGuard. Alternately, PureIt has the best prices in the group. And, Kent provides good purifying at reasonable prices.