July 13, 2011

Why Cisco Business Tablet Marketing is Broken

Cisco has been actively marketing the Cisco Business Tablet on the Internet. And in the whether Cisco Cius or HP TouchPad question, they definitely want people picking the Cius. Here is why Cisco Business Tablet marketing is broken.

Cisco cannot decide whether to promote “Cisco Cius” or “Cisco Business Tablet”, as a result its message is confusing. In contrast, HP, a Cisco business tablet competitor, is focused on promoting only “HP TouchPad”. Check the ad above and below

Instead of residing at a branded page, www.cisco.com/cius, Cisco Cius pages reside at

Which is easier to remember a Cisco ps11156 or Cisco Cius?

Compare it with competitors’ pages that clearly brand their product

Give credit to Cisco to explore all advertising options such as serving ads on misspelled names - “andriod” tablet

And, finally, providing an appstore, AppHQ, which is mostly empty. There hardly any apps there and very few apps have been downloaded. For example, check “communications” apps at AppHQ (presumably communications is Cisco’s core strength).

Given the state pf the apps, how will Cisco Cius be useful for users?  And, given the state of Cisco Cius marketing, how will potential users know about it?