July 5, 2011

Why Import Feed to Tumblr Does Not Work?

If you are wondering why your Feed Import to Tumblr does not work and how to make it work again, keep reading …
First, in case you are not already importing a RSS, Blogger, Wordpress, Twitter, YouTube or Vimeo feed to Tumblr, here are the steps

In your Tumblr account, click on

<Your username> in top bar, then on


Click on Setup next to Import Feed

Now you can select the feed source and provide its Feed URL to set it up.

Tumblr lets you import upto five feeds to your account.

Now that your Feed is setup, there are few additional rules listed in read about Feeds to follow, which will ensure that your Feeds are always imported to Tumblr. The most important one being

You must log into Tumblr frequently or directly post to Tumblr frequently in order for feed imports to remain active.

Remember, Tumblr wants you to use your Tumblr account actively rather than passively importing other feeds and never logging into Tumblr itself. Logging into Tumblr at least once a day will ensure that your Imports stay live. In case you do miss logging-in for several days, your imports will stop. New imports will start after your next login.

And, make sure each post in your Feed has a unique date/time stamp. If there are multiple posts with the same date/time stamp, they are not imported by Tumblr. Blogger, Wordpress, Twitter etc already take care of this so there is nothing to be done.

For a Twitter feed to be imported, the posts should not be protected.

Finally, although Tumblr claims to crawl feeds every hour, it may be several hours before your posts actually get imported to Tumblr.