August 14, 2011

Check Website Page Load Speed with Monitis

Want to find how visitors experience your website? Then, check your website page load speed with Monitis. A slow website can turn away potential users. With Monitis page speed, learn how fast your web pages load for visitors from US, Europe and Asia and also find which page elements are slowing down your web page.

For example, on SimpleRNA’s home page, the slowest page element is Facebook Like button served by SimpleRNA’s home page displays multiple posts, each with its own Facebook Like buttons, which together slow down the page. Although, Facebook Like is a useful button to share your content but it costs you in terms of page load speeds.

Other page elements that slow down a web page – embedded YouTube videos that use Adobe Flash, Google Ads and any 3rd party widgets such as Disqus comments.

A sampling of page load speeds for other websites, as viewed from the US.

  1. SimpleRNA – 29.16 sec. Long!  The home page load times are long for the above reasons.
  2. Google – 2.71 sec, Great!  The speed comes from having a sparse home page.
  3. Facebook – 2.83 sec, Great!  Facebook’s login page is another sparse home page that loads fast.
  4. Twitter – 9.49 sec, Long! Twitter’s home page loads slowly because of the images that get displayed.

Monitis also provides other free services such as
  1. Instant website check – to check if your website is available from different locations worldwide
  2. Instant Ping – to ping your website from different locations.
  3. Traceroute – A traceroute to your website from US, Europe and Asia. Helpful to find any network problems for your website.

And paid services that will rigorously monitor your website.

Alternates to Monitis include Numion, which can also be used to check the performance of ad-heavy websites.