August 8, 2011

Cisco Cius: Only 5000 Apps Downloaded at Appstore?

The latest stats for Cisco Cius: Only 5,000 apps downloaded at appstore?

The enterprise tablet market is still at an early stage. Cisco Cius is Cisco’s entry in this market together with its curated appstore, AppHQ. A look in July 2011 showed that Cisco AppHQ was seeing very little activity – a small number of apps in the store with very few downloads per app.

A current look shows that things haven’t gotten better – the Appstore has seen about 5,000 apps downloaded. And, 5,000 is not the downloads for a single app but, total downloads across the entire Appstore for all the 326 apps. Not a good performance!

Here is how to find out for yourself - Cisco AppHQ Apps displays all apps in Cisco’s Appstore.

  • There are a total of 326 apps in the Appstore (33 pages, 10 apps/page).
  • Out of 326 apps, only 130 have been downloaded at least once.
    200 apps have not seen a single download - pages 13 to 33.
  • Only 50 apps have seen double-digit downloads.
  • Total downloads of roughly 5,000 (generous to Cisco).
  • The most downloaded app in the store is Vmware View Cisco Cius with 194 downloads and it rapidly goes down from there.

Per Cisco, the Cius enterprise tablet is being used by enterprises such as Palomar Pomerado Health and University of Wisconsin Whitewater and perhaps their app use is not reflected in the above download numbers i.e. the apps may be pre-installed rather than downloaded. But, regardless, the download numbers are miniscule and don’t reflect well on Cius. And, with these, you can draw your own inference on Cisco Cius sales.

Cisco Cius is promoted as “It’s pure enterprise grade. Built for business. Not games.” If you think that is true, think again. Cisco appstore has SmokeSense, an app for smokers to stop smoking (?) and 15 minutes gentle Yoga, for your health and fitness.