August 28, 2011

Egnyte Adds Kleiner Perkins In Its Ads

In a very crowded field of selling online storage, Egnyte has a unique marketing strategy. Egnyte adds Kleiner Perkins in its ads.

Egnyte makes its online storage ad standout by invoking, Kleiner Perkins (KPCB), its financial backer, in its ads. The ad implies that with Kleiner Perkins backing, Egnyte’s future is assured and therefore you can trust Egnyte to keep your data safe, secure and private.


Egnyte offers 1 TB storage for $50/month plan to businesses, a free trial is included. If doctors, hospitals plan to store Patient Health Information at Egnyte, they would also need to sign a HIPAA agreement.

There are hundreds of companies selling online storage to consumers, businesses and enterprises – SendSpace, DropBox,, Google Storage, Microsoft SkyDrive, livedrive, Carbonite, Norton online backup, Barracuda and more. The online storage services have all kinds of business models – from free services focused on sharing large files to paid services for storing and backup of your data. In addition to pricing, privacy, safety and security of the data is a big concern among all users.

SendSpace free plan is one of the easiest to share photos, videos or documents online.