August 26, 2011

Enterprise Flash Storage at Disk Prices, Pure Storage

Pure Storage provides ultra-fast storage for the enterprise - Enterprise Flash storage at disk prices.

Pure Storage Price
With use of MLC flash, data deduplication and compression, Pure Storage Flash arrays, on a usable basis, are priced at $/GB, its biggest value.

Pure Storage Performance
The 200K IOps performance for the FA-310 is respectable but does not compare with Texas Memory’s 1M IOps, Nimbus Data S-Class or Violin Memory 3200.

And, for the fastest flash storage for enterprise, look to Fusion-IO ioDrive.

Pure Storage Interfaces
The system interface for Flash Arrays is 4 x 8 Gbps Fibre channel, while the backend interfaces are 4 x 6 Gbps SAS, 2 x 40 Gbps QDR Infiniband.

While Pure Storage is not at the top of the list for the fastest storage performance, it makes up for it by having the best $/GB pricing.