August 16, 2011

Future of Education, 98000+ Students in Largest Class Worldwide, Stanford’s AI-Class October 2011

This is the future of education, 98,000+ students in largest class worldwide, Stanford’s AI-Class, starting October 2011.

Stanford’s AI-class is the pioneer in the field. 98,000+ students have already signed up and the number of students in ai-class keeps growing. At the rate students are signing up, the class-size is likely to exceed 150,000+ by its Oct 10 start date.

The Stanford ai-class is free and online, the two magic words for students. In addition, the instructors Sebastian Thrun of Stanford and Peter Norvig of Google are the top experts in the field. All of these have encouraged students from all over the world to register for the class.

The instruction is primarily going to be video-based. Imagine delivering 150,000+ real-time video streams to students all over, which will use about 75 – 150 Gbps of bandwidth, made feasible by cloud services.

The future of education - free, online classes accessible to students worldwide and taught by the top experts in the field.

Two more free, online courses are available from Stanford this fall.