August 15, 2011

Google Motorola vs Apple vs Microsoft vs Samsung, HTC

Google acquires Motorola this morning and gets access to Motorola’s mobile patents. How does this change the landscape, Google Motorola vs Apple vs Microsoft vs Samsung, HTC?
Per Google, Microsoft and Apple are attacking Android with patents and this is Google’s response to acquire more mobile patents. With a Motorola acquisition in the works, Google was unlikely to partner or bid higher for the Nortel patents. So how will this change the mobile market and the Android ecosystem?

Google Motorola vs Apple - With Motorola’s patents Google will be closer to Apple in providing a fully integrated mobile offering. Google gets its wish of being more like Apple. Not much of a change for Apple, which wins by better product design, but for Google Motorola, this will enable them to stay in the mobile market.

Google Motorola vs Microsoft – Motorola’s patents give Google a better legal position against Microsoft and may enable them to stop Microsoft from harassing Android manufacturers. As far as products, nothing changes. Neither Motorola nor Microsoft has produced must-have products and the acquisition will not change that.

Google Motorola vs Samsung, HTC – The acquisition is a mild plus for Samsung, HTC as Google may be able to provide better legal protection for all Android manufacturers. But, the Motorola acquisition is also a major negative for all Android manufacturers. Google may be competing head-on with all its previous Android partners – in smartphones, tablets and any other mobile category. Google became a little more like Apple but at the cost of impacting all its Android partnerships.

Will Samsung acquire HTC to counter the Google Motorola acquisition?