August 30, 2011

Heello Speeds Up Its Servers with Flash Storage, Gets an Amazing Boost in Performance

Looking to speed up your servers? Then, switch from disk drives to SSD drives. Take a look at Heello web service as an example. Heello speeds up its servers with Flash Storage and gets an amazing boost in performance.

Fusion-IO’s ioDrive Octal

Heello is a new social-sharing service founded by Noah Everett, the founder of Twitpic. The service launched on Aug 11 and in less than a month it already has more than 1 million users.

Server performance is very critical for Heello as it is a real-time sharing service with a large number of users. By switching to SSD drives for its database server, Heello got a 8x boost in performance.

One SSD based DB server beat 8 of our old disk based servers combined.

SSD is 200 GB which is the primary db data store, server also has a normal disk which we store certain logs and aux db data.

Flash storage in form of SSD drives is bringing the biggest performance boost for servers in a long time. It is transforming servers and storage used in the data center and everywhere.

Going forward, expect to see all kinds of Flash storage products for servers in the market.

Companies providing Flash storage include