August 5, 2011

How to Display Twitter Photos, Videos For a Topic

Twitter gives a nice search-box to search for Tweets on any topic but viewing the photos and videos posted is not so easy. Keep reading for how to display Twitter photos, videos for a topic. It creates a great experience!

Seeing all the latest photos or videos posted for a topic easily makes Twitter so much better. This is what Twitter should publicize.

You do not have to login to Twitter to search and display the photos, videos on any topic.

The Steps:
Enter a URL, which includes the search term (as shown below) in your browser e.g.

For multi-word search terms, add a  %20 for space e.g.

The latest photos for that search term are displayed in a grid.

You can do the same when you are logged-in to Twitter by typing
  • sp (for photos)
  • sv (for videos)
to get the search box where you can enter the search terms.

Have fun with the different topics!  For example, display Instagram photos on Twitter.