August 30, 2011

How to Get California EDD Debit Card?

California EDD Debit Card is being actively advertised online. Follow the above link to find how to get California EDD debit card.

The EDDcard is issued by Bank of America.

It is a surprise to see a government entity actively advertising online. It may be because they are trying to reach their “customers” – those applying for state benefits such as state disability, unemployment and paid family leave.

California will start making all benefit payments - state disability, paid family leave, unemployment - on the debit card.

Per EDD,
California's benefit programs constitute a much larger volume than any other state. The EDD paid a record $22.9 billion in total UI benefits in 2010 and approximately $4.1 billion in combined DI and PFL benefits. A total of more than 41 million checks were issued between all three benefit programs.