August 4, 2011

Mystery Online Ads, Are you Feeling Lucky?

The mystery online ads, are you feeling lucky?  Would you click on these ads?

An intriguing ad. Nice and clean but a little too clean. What is it about? There is no information at all. Is it an ad for a dating site?  Something else?

It will increase your revenue per visit by 80%. But, what is it?  An ad for TRUSTe?

Download Now. What are they selling?  What are you about to download?
Would you download it?  Only if you are feeling lucky.

 At least this ad has a tiny hint; it is for Babylon, software for language translation.

Another Download button, this time with a cute cat. What are you downloading and why?

Would you download this “anti-spyware”? Is it anti-spyware or spyware?
There is no information at all. Which anti-spyware is it?

The ads are not linked, only screenshots are shown above.