August 22, 2011

A New Use for HP TouchPad, Collectible

A new use for HP TouchPad, Collectible.

If you like collectibles, buying, selling or keeping them for the future, HP TouchPad is a new collectible that is bound to become very valuable in the years to come.

For example, compare TouchPad prices to a 3DTV kit for CRT TV’s selling for $29,400 on eBay.

With HP exiting the tablet business in only 49 days, the TouchPad’s that were built are sure to be sought by collectors.

The TouchPad with webOS is said to be a decent tablet – decent for web browsing, email and other web functions. Unfortunately, it suffered from being two years late to the market after the iPad, competing with the well-designed iPad and lack of apps, which meant an early demise.

At the going-out-of-business sale price of $99 at HP and other retailers, the TouchPad has finally found customers, who seem to be not tablet users but collectors who don’t mind spending $100 for a collectible.

The TouchPad in its brief existence was sold as an enterprise tablet, a consumer tablet and  “A Smart New Tablet that Works Like Nothing Else”. The last was a poor choice of words by HP – the TouchPad did work like nothing else. The webOS was not compatible to iOS or Android, which meant very few apps were available for it. On the plus side, it was good for web access and web apps.

If the TouchPad’s bought today continue to function a few years from now, they will get sold as very valuable collectibles on eBay and other auction houses. Even the rare visits from TouchPad to websites are bound to become a Collector’s item.