August 14, 2011

Prudentials New Ad, Shaky Markets Need a Steady Hand

Prudential’s new ad, Shaky markets need a steady hand. The outdoor billboards look like this

And another, Retirement Needs a New Plan

After Prudential’s first billboard ads in its bring your challenges, ad campaign, there is a new set of ads in the series. The ads are aimed at enticing visitors to Prudentials financial services – financial planning, funding children’s higher education, retirement planning, employee benefits and others.

Per Prudential,
The Challenge
With people living longer, we're challenged to finance retirements that could last 20 to 30 years or more. Over the last generation, the number of private sector workers with traditional pensions has declined significantly. Health care and other costs in retirement keep rising.
Add it up, and it means people today shoulder more personal responsibility to finance longer and more expensive retirements. This calls for a fundamental shift in the way we plan for retirement, from just accumulating savings to planning for lifetime income
See how we can rise to the challenge of longer retirements.