August 16, 2011

Review: Make your iPhone Data Secure with McAfee WaveSecure

Are you worried about losing your iPhone and its data? Then make your iPhone data secure with McAfee WaveSecure.

At least that is the pitch by McAfee to get you to buy their $20 app, which aims to give you mobile security.

Should you buy a $20 app which
  • backs up your data - contacts, photos and videos - to the cloud
  • if needed, restores your data to a new device
  • locates your lost device on a map using GPS (if GPS is enabled)
  • wipes your data remotely
when you can get the same functionality and more via Apple’s iCloud  for free (upto 5 GB) and Apple’s free Find My iPhone app. And there are other apps on the app store that do the same.


McAfee, an Intel subsidiary now, is also up to its old tricks of getting you to signup for yearly subscriptions to WaveSecure with the hope that you will forget to cancel the subscription.

Like the badly designed McAfee antivirus for PC’s, McAfee continues to disappoint with poorly designed software with little value and which tries to lock up users in extended subscription plans. Getting acquired by Intel has still not improved McAfee’s mode of operation or the quality of its software.

An inaptly named McAfee Family Protection is another $20 app from McAfee in the appstore.