August 15, 2011

Will Google-Motorola Resurrect Google TV?

Will Google-Motorola resurrect Google TV?

Today Google acquired Motorola, primarily for Motorola’s mobile patents. Speculations started immediately on the secondary synergies of the deal; will Motorola deal also help Google TV?

All speculations on how Google TV could get better with a Google-Motorola combination.

But, the problem with Google TV is Google TV’s poor design, from software to hardware - for example, check this complex remote control app for Google TV. And Motorola is not exactly known for good designs whether in the set-top box business or in the Android phone or tablet business. Motorola will not bring the design improvements that are needed for Google TV. While Apple TV, Google TV’s competitor, doesn’t enjoy iPad like success yet, its much cleaner design attracts customers unlike for Google TV.

So, will Google-Motorola resurrect Google TV? Unlikely.