August 2, 2011, Add Smooth Zoom Viewing to Web Photos

With Microsoft, add smooth zoom viewing to web photos. is a nice service and useful for viewing high-resolution web photos at full resolution. It brings the smooth, touch-zoom like experience to any web photo.

For example, the above smoothly zooming photo of rain clouds originally appeared in the beautiful rain clouds post. Although the original photo was high-resolution (3072x2304), it was displayed at a lower resolution and you had to click the photo to see it in higher resolution (1600x1200).

The steps to convert it into a smoothly zooming hi-res photo
  1. Enter the URL of the photo at
  2. Add the embed-code to a webpage (above) or share the link
A negative - the embed overlays a grid on the photo. Not good! It creates a bad experience.
To remove the grid, view the photo in full-page mode. is a Microsoft service.