September 4, 2011

Amazon Tablet, Just a Better Kindle

Amazon Tablet, is just a better Kindle, not an iPad competitor.
Tidbits about Amazon tablet started surfacing from earlier this year –
Adding to these earlier tidbits, per MG Siegler, Amazon’s 7-inch tablet will become available at the end of November. Amazon tablet price $250.

In a tablet market where iPad seems to be the only device of choice, Amazon Kindle has managed to survive by being a special-purpose device, a book reader, selling at low price of $115.

Whereas there were speculations that Amazon with its strength in e-books, ecommerce, its small but growing appstore, e-music and cloud storage business and credit cards from its vast customer base may be the only company to offer a full growing ecosystem like the iPad. And Amazon Tablet could be the only credible alternative to the iPad. Instead,

Amazon (wisely) seems to have focused on offering a better Kindle to its existing userbase rather than going after the iPad’s userbase. The Amazon Kindle Tablet with a 7-inch color display will be a nice upgrade to the current Kindle’s and will attract a following.

A bonus for Amazon - as HP TouchPad’s $99 sale has proven, that there is significant demand for a low-cost tablet that can access the Internet. Amazon Tablet, at $250, should do very well also selling into this market.

In preparation for this new Kindle, Amazon’s website is also being revamped to a more modern look – a very pleasing and welcome change.’s current UI looks old and tired and something from the 1990’s.

Amazon may launch a more expensive 10-inch Kindle in 2012. At that point, it has the opportunity to become more iPad-like in form and function. Keep in mind that the iPad is also growing and evolving rapidly and would be very different in 2012.

To summarize, Amazon Tablet, is just a Kindle upgrade, not an iPad competitor.  Apple, Google and Amazon are becoming the big three of mobile devices.