September 10, 2011

Awesome! Stanford Quality Master’s in Computer Science Degree Online for $2,000

A Stanford quality Master’s in Computer Science degree Online for $2,000.

Awesome!  Sebastian Thrun of Stanford is absolutely on the right track.

Reply to him @sebastianthrun to let him know you’d like that.

And, more Stanford courses may come online in the near future.

Sebastian Thrun is helping bring the future of education now. In a few weeks, he will be teaching Intro to AI, a free online Stanford course that is turning out to be the largest class in the world.

This is the change that is needed for education – making high quality education available worldwide and at prices that are affordable to most.

The status quo of rapidly rising college tuitions is neither desirable nor sustainable. It results in keeping knowledge and education away from most people in addition to all the secondary effects.