September 27, 2011

Blogger Dynamic View Extremely Buggy, Do Not Use

Blogger Dynamic View template is extremely buggy. Do not Use.

Blogger is now offering Dynamic View as a standard template option. The new template can be accessed as

design > template designer > dynamic views

Dynamic View was first introduced in Mar 2011. It seemed to have good promise – by offering new looks to replace bloggers classic look. Presenting new refreshing looks to visitors is always a welcome change as compared to the same look.

Now, dynamic view is available as a standard template and offers these looks – Classic, FlipCard, Magazine, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot, Timeslide.

However, the current “dynamic view” is extremely buggy. DO NOT use it.

Here are the issues

  1. The UI of every look is poorly done.
  2. The UI renders differently in different browsers e.g. try the Snapshot view in Chrome and Safari.
  3. The blog slows down tremendously (page load times).
  4. The ad units you selected are no longer used. Blogger picks ad units on its own e.g. If you had picked 300x250’s, these are replaced with 160x600 in the sidebar.
  5. The above the fold ad does not render.
  6. Any widgets you added to the blog will no longer be available.
  7. Jump break links do not work. 
Overall a very poor experience.

The blogger team should have tested more before releasing it and with more users.

The dynamic views can also be tested by appending the option to the URL as has been done in the links above e.g. for FlipCard use

Here is what a SimpleRNA post looks like with dynamic view.

And what you will see frequently with the Dynamic Views, sometimes for long periods - Blogger's spinning gears.