September 2, 2011

How to Delete Adobe Flash Cookies From Your Computer

If you visit any website with Adobe Flash content, Flash data will get stored on your computer. Adobe Flash cookies are stored separately from the browser data on your computer. Deleting the browser data does not delete the Flash cookies stored on your computer. Continue reading to find how to delete Adobe Flash cookies from your computer.

To manage Flash cookies and data stored on your computer, visit Adobe Flash data on your computer.

Adobe has a convoluted UI to manage the settings but be patient and go through each tab to configure it.

Global Storage Settings (screenshot above)
To prevent Flash from storing data on your computer
  1. set amount of disk space to 0  (Never) as shown above
  2. uncheck the two boxes as shown
Keep in mind that you may want to leave the boxes checked and allow Flash to store some data on your computer, as it will allow a richer experience with websites that use Flash.

Website Storage Settings
To delete all data, set storage setting to 0 (None) as shown below.
Delete all sites, to remove all data that websites have stored on your computer

Again with the caveat above.

Remember to visit the other Flash settings panel and configure them as you wish
  1. Global Privacy settings controls access by programs, such as Skype, to your webcam and microphone. With certain spyware or webcam monitoring software used by schools, people remotely can watch/hear you without you knowing.
  2. Website Privacy settings applies to websites you have already visited
  3. Global Security settings should be set to ‘always ask’ or ‘always deny’
  4. Global Notification settings checks for Flash player updates
  5. Peer Assisted Networking is used by programs such as Skype. They can use your bandwidth even while you are not actively using that program. If you find skype slows down your computer, this is the reason.
Even after configuring Flash as above, Flash will continue storing some data on your computer. The only fool-proof option is to uninstall Adobe Flash from your computer.