September 16, 2011

How to Get Your Family’s Genome Sequenced

Are you concerned about potential health risks in your family and want to take preventive actions? Then get your family’s genome sequenced. It is getting more affordable to do so and it may help you plan better.

With genomes sequenced from each family member, it will be possible to see how genes flow in the family and if the children have any at-risk genes. With knowledge of potential health risks, you can plan better and adjust as needed.

With services like EveryGenome, Illumina’s personal genome service, a full genome can be sequenced for $9,500. The cost to get the genome sequenced for a family of four - $38,000.

And, if you want to only check for specific genes, then personal genome services, which do a partial sequence, are even more affordable at $400 to $1,500 per genome.

The West family (John, Judy, Ann, Paul) was one of the first family’s to have a full genome sequencing done for the whole family using Illumina’s service (via technology review). The findings indicated that the children inherited genes related to embolisms and thrombophilia, knowledge that may help them take preventive actions.