September 15, 2011

How to Pick a Home Security Service

Are you looking for a home security service?  A few helpful tips on how to pick a Home Security service are below.

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Top considerations for picking a Home Security service

  1. Costs
    1. Equipment cost - How much does a basic configuration cost and what does it cost to add more sensors, other components?
    2. Installation cost - Is it self-install (zero cost) or do you need a technician to install the security system?
    3. Monthly cost – What are the monthly fees?

  2. Contract – Is there a long-term contract or can the service be used month-to-month?
    Contracts have early-termination-fees (ETF). The length of the contract also determines the package deal offered to you.

    For people who move frequently, a long-term contract can be a big stumbling block. 

  1. Wireless or Wired – Is the sensor monitoring done over a phone line (wired) or over a cellular network (wireless)?

  1. Video Security – Is a robust video security option available? Can the live video from the cameras be viewed remotely? Is motion-detect, sound-detect recording available? Can the videos be recorded for viewing later?  How much recording is available, as clips or 24/7?

    For most providers, the video security is a bandaid to the core monitoring service and may not be integrated with the rest of the service. You can also add video security on your own using off-the-shelf IP cameras, which will give more features and better prices.

    Video security requires an Internet connection with fast upload

  1. iPhone, Android – Are apps available for receiving security alerts, viewing live video, configuring your home security system remotely etc?

  1. Responsiveness of Monitoring service – In case of an incident, how quickly are you and law enforcement alerted?