September 7, 2011

iYogi KillSlow to Speedup PC’s, Worth It?

KillSlow is iYogi’s service to speedup PC’s. Is it worth it?

KillSlow’s tagline is “slow starts as a computer virus”. iYogi offers a free PC tuneup where iYogi technicians access your PC remotely and run tuneup software. If a virus is found, iYogi’s virus removal service for $170 per year is available

Like DoubleMySpeed, MyCleanPC and many other services, iYogi will diagnose your PC for free and then offer a solution to fix the errors for a fee as shown above.

You can diagnose and fix your PC for free as shown at How to Keep PC Fast and Clean or, if you prefer a live person helping you, then iYogi’s service may be worth it, although it is very expensive.

Ads run by iYogi have either intentional or unintentional errors to entice users. The ad below implies an iYogi, McAfee partnership. The ad displays non-existent URL’s of (a templated page) and, which does not exist.

iYogi is funded by Sequoia Capital.