September 5, 2011

Receivables Exchange, Online Marketplace for Accounts Receivable

Does your Business have a need for working capital?  Does it have unpaid invoices? Then take a look at Receivables Exchange, an online marketplace for account receivables. 

Receivables Exchange (TRE) can help you monetize your account receivables in as little as 3 days.

Sellers post their eligible receivables in the marketplace. Seller’s info is kept private; their customers are not notified.

Seller sets terms and timing of an auction and set their buyout price.

Buyers can bid on the receivables. With a winning bid, seller receives funds the next business day.

Once the customer pays the invoice, TRE sends funds to the buyer.

If a receivable remains un-paid, the Seller is obligated to repurchase it back.

A simple marketplace to connect Seller and Buyers of receivables. It can be useful to businesses seeking capital.