September 29, 2011

Violin 6000, 4 GB/sec Storage Array for Data Center

Violin 6000, a 4 GB/sec Storage Array for data center with 12 TB of usable capacity.

It is one of the first data center storage boxes with 4 GB/s bandwidth (32 Gbps) and perfect for running big data applications at the highest performance.

Violin 6000 specs

The Violin 6616 delivers 4 GB/s bandwidth, 1M IOps (4 KB blocks), write-latency of 25 us and read-latency of 90 us.

The Violin 6632 delivers 2 GB/s bandwidth, 0.5M IOps (4 KB blocks), write-latency of 25 us and read-latency of 140 us.

The Violin 6000 interfaces to the rest of the network over 10 GbE, FC, Infiniband ports. Both boxes can be used for iSCSI or Fibre Channel storage.

Customers of Violin include AOL who saw a tremendous increase in performance by switching to Violin’s storage arrays.

Other fast DataCenter SSD memory arrays include Texas Memory RAMSan-630 with 1M IOps, 10 GB/sec bandwidth, 80us-write and 250us-read latencies in a 3U form factor. EMC Isilon delivers similar performance at much higher costs, power and real-estate.

As a reference, a single server using an Intel 10 GbE iSCSI adapter can transfer data at about 2.4 GB/sec, 600K IOps (4 KB blocks) over a 10 GbE link. These servers can consume data at even higher rates if the interconnect (10 GbE) was not a bottleneck.   

If your application needs only smaller amounts of memory, then consider adding fast PCIe SSD cards, from companies such as Fusion-IO or OCZ, directly to the server