September 27, 2011

Your Personal Exome Sequence for $1000 with 23andMe

Do you want to know how you are built, literally? What are the causes of your physical traits?  Are there any health conditions that you should be aware of?  Then get to know your personal exome with 23andMe’s help. 23andMe provides your Personal Exome Sequence for $1000.

Exomes are the part of the genome formed by exons. Currently, they are thought to be the most functional part of the genome – controlling the synthesis of proteins, which in turn determine your physical traits.

For $1000, 23andMe will provide you with 50 million bases of your DNA (no reports), and maybe tools in the future that help you understand them to some extent. You’ll be one of the firsts to know your personal exome sequence. For reference, exomes comprise only 1.5% of your total genome that is 3 billion bases.

 And, why call it a closed beta?  It is a pilot program, available only to existing 23andMe customers and, at this phase, there is no guarantee that you will be accepted.

You can also check other personal genome services that help you understand your genetic makeup.