October 6, 2011

BestFoodSecrets Ads, Example Of Display Ads That Convert Well

BestFoodSecrets ads, example of display ads that convert well.

15 Veggies that FIGHT Belly Fat
15 Foods to NEVER Eat

The ads grab your attention with their clean creative, intriguing copy and specific call to action.

Here is another version of the ad seen on Yahoo Finance.

5 Foods that KILL Fat

The next time you are looking for pointers on how to design display ads that drive traffic, take a look at these ads again.

The landing page for these ads is also well designed – sparse with a focus on the message “belly fat”. And since men and women have different perspectives on belly fat, there are separate videos for each. Check at the above link.

The ads are for Mike Geary’s TruthAboutAbs a very successful digital product that is marketed very well.