October 14, 2011

Dartmouth-Yes, Delhi-No: Why More Indian Students Are Coming To US Universities

Nida Najar on why more Indian students are coming to US Universities.
Moulshri Mohan did not get accepted at Delhi University colleges but got accepted at Dartmouth with a scholarship.
She missed Delhi University cutoffs because her grades were only 93.5%, an all A’s student. 
This summer, Delhi University issued cutoff scores at its top colleges that reached a near-impossible 100 percent in some cases.
So, you can’t get accepted even if you have a perfect score, an all A+ student with a perfect SAT score.

And, it is not as if everyone has suddenly turned smarter in India.

Huge demand for education together with lack of quality Universities is creating this weird situation. The high schools are reacting by inflating the grades to help their students get accepted at colleges (and if they could go beyond 100% they would). Students who can afford it are enrolling in US Universities.

This huge demand for college education by Indian students is being met by supply at US Universities, a short-term solution that is clearly not sustainable in the long term.

Disrupting higher education is needed not just in the US but also worldwide.