October 4, 2011

Enter Your Cell Phone Number Scams on iPhone

The Enter Your Cell Phone Number scams are alive and well on the iPhone. Here is one seen recently on the AccuWeather app. First the enticement

Hey You! Congrats Lucky Visitor!
Click Here To Get Your iPad2 Reward!
After tapping, a page with Apple looks. 
Get the new Apple iPad2 NOW!

It asks you to enter your cell phone number. The page naturally is larger than the display, so you cannot immediately see the terms of the offer; you have to swipe right to see that you’ll get subscribed to a $9.99/mo mobile content.

When you swipe right to see you’ll find that once you enter your cell phone number, you are subscribed to $9.99/mo plan and the charges will start appearing on your phone bill.

The terms of the offer are in light-grey text below. You’ll find that in addition to getting subscribed to the $9.99/mo charges, you may not get the iPad2. You only got a change to win the iPad2, not an actual iPad2.

It is a surprise that AT&T still allows these scammy charges on the phone bill and the AccuWeather app runs these scammy ads. Apple probably cannot control such dodgy ads being served through the apps.

Here is another variation of the same offer – this time with a time limit. You have less than 5 minutes to claim your iPad … the clock is ticking … better act now