October 6, 2011

How Good is iPhone 4S Camera Photo Quality?

The camera is one of the best features of iPhone 4S. If you are wondering how good is iPhone 4S camera’s photo quality?  Take a look at these photos taken with iPhone 4S camera posted by Apple.

iPhone 4S Photo, Red Flowers
Looks great!

This photo was taken on Aug 29.

iPhone 4S photo EXIF

The exposure time of the iPhone 4S photos posted varies from 1/1842 sec for “red flowers” to 1/120 sec for “shelf” photo.

The iPhone 4S photos posted are all 8 Mpixel, have an ISO speed from ISO 64 to ISO 80, aperture of F 1 and focal length of 4.28 mm.

iPhone 4S camera does not have optical zoom, which is difficult to integrate in a phone’s camera. Perhaps it will come next time. Optical zoom would have helped capture more scenes at high quality.

“Mountains” is the earliest iPhone 4S photo posted, it was taken on Aug 25.


Notice all photos posted are for well-lighted scenes. When the scene is dark, the photo quality will go down as expected.

The full resolution photos are available at Apple’s photo gallery (top right of page). Use FastStone Image Viewer to analyze the photos further.